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[TXT]01 - The Art of Seducing a Woman.txt2006-05-26 23:43 2k
[TXT]02 - Building Your Confidence in Dating Women.txt2006-05-26 23:43 2k
[TXT]03 - Know What to Look for in a Woman.txt2006-05-26 23:43 2k
[TXT]04 - Don't Judge a Woman by Her Looks!.txt2006-05-26 23:44 2k
[TXT]05 - Your Attitude Counts.txt2006-05-26 23:44 2k
[TXT]06 - How to be Sensitive with Women.txt2006-05-26 23:44 2k
[TXT]07 - Setting the Mood with Your Date.txt2006-05-26 23:44 3k
[TXT]08 - Paying More Attention to Your Woman.txt2006-05-26 23:44 3k
[TXT]09 - Find Out As Much As You Can From Your Date.txt2006-05-26 23:44 2k
[TXT]10 - What to Talk About on a Date.txt2006-05-27 13:09 2k
[TXT]11 - Where to Go on Your First Date.txt2006-05-27 13:09 3k
[TXT]12 - How to Flirt Effectively.txt2006-05-27 13:09 3k
[TXT]13 - How to be Romantic.txt2006-05-27 13:10 2k
[TXT]14 - Places to Meet Women to Date.txt2006-05-27 13:10 3k
[TXT]15 - Waiting to Meet Ms. Perfect.txt2006-05-27 13:10 2k
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