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FREE Joint Venture Online Banner Ads Business FAQ

How do I choose and Rent the Targeted Ad Spot?

You can choose from Option 1: Articles Niches Blog 155 categories

Copy the URL address of the article post that you want your banner ad to be show and paste it at the password area of the advertising page

How is the rented ad spots arrange?

The Top Ads spot were arrange from left spot to right spot. on the side colume Ads will be Top to Bottom, First spot will be yours, if you place your order first, then go the second spot if your order is before someone did.

Option 1: Example

How do I change or test my Banner ad?

All you have to do is change the NEW banner image with the same image URL that you use at

How do I Track my Rotation Banner Ad?

Just enter your password and ad ID at the Banner Stats page.

What Payment Plan do you use?

We only use PayPal, will add more merchant account soon.

If you have any question you can Contact Admin here.

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